Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've decided to start a blog where I can post various photos that will not make it all the way to Flickr. I plan on showing some before/afters and possibly some editing techniques, along with outtakes from shoots, and photos of things/people other than myself. I may also occasionally post a snapshot or 2 of random events in my life, and wouldn't be at all surprised if I ended up ranting or rambling here from time to time.

I expect this to be rather disorganized, because I will probably be posting older photos as well as new ones, and can't guarantee that they will be in any particular order or with any rhyme or reason.

Look here to see what you won't see on Flickr, and to possibly learn a bit more about me when my tendencies to babble on overtake me. (As they are beginning to do now!)



  1. woo hoo! I seldom get to the front of the line at your flickr stream due to your many adoring fans, but here I get to be first!! yipie!

    I am glad you started this, I have always admired your work and now we get a glimpse behind your thoughts on your work, I look forward to reading and seeing more.

  2. I totally agree with Don, I too admire your work and I love it when you go on your rants!

    I can't wait for more...I might not always leave a comment cause I really suck at words sometime, but if I do have something to say..I'll leave a note.

    Thanks for sharing your work and your life with us!