Wednesday, May 6, 2009

05.05.09 Outtakes

It has been a crazy week, and last night decided to shoot some self-portraits to melt away the stress. Really, photography is the best therapy for me. Not that I need therapy... *nervous laughter* ;) I've really taken my very best photos while being stressed, angry, sick, sad, etc. I still have a few more from this shoot that I will post to Flickr, but here are a few that just didn't make the cut.

I really liked the composition of this one, with the empty wall, and the way the colors came out, but I think I look like I'm doing stomach crunches, as opposed to lounging about in a comfortable and cozy manner.


This one I almost really like. I like the positioning of my arm, and the lighting, but don't care for my expression. I look a bit sleepy or "dead" in the eyes. Or like I am about to sneeze. ;)


I have a few others that I'm going back and forth about so they may end up on here at some point. Definitely one or 2 more to come to Flickr though. :) Thanks for looking!!


  1. Photo #2 - could definitely be a High Times cover.


  2. I think in the second one you look a little more annoyed, like an eye rolling movement, than dead. But I agree that the composition of both of these is lovely. I like the colors as well.